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    How to Apply Eye Liner - Eyeliner Application


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    How to Apply Eye Liner - Eyeliner Application Empty How to Apply Eye Liner - Eyeliner Application

    Post  Saira_khan on Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:57 am

    EYELINER Application requires a steady hand, If you find it difficult to apply liner with precision, try drawing it on using small feathered stokes and then blend with a fine-tipped brush or the point of a cotton bud. To make things easier, put a mirror on a flat surface and then work looking down into it. As an alternative to the visible pencil line on the eyes, try a join-thedots approach,

    Dot pencil between the lashes and then run over the dots with a fine-tipped brush, If you do not have an eye pencil to hand, use a damp fine-tipped brush and paint on eyeshadow in a thin line. Eyeliners are used to give more definitions to the eye. They highlight the eyes and make the lashed look fuller and thicker. Eyeliners should be color coded with your eye shadow. Liquid eyeliner are the most popular forms but beginners may want to start with a pencil for easier coordination.

    Eyeliners should be applied from the inner canvas to the outer with the middle canvas being the thickest. If you have naturally pale lashes but cannot reach the roots with a mascara wand, use liquid eyeliner, dabbing it on to cover them, It's worth investing in a white eyeliner: it could save the day on many occasions, If you're tired and your eyes don't look particularly sparkly, run a white pencil along the inner rim of the lower lash line,

    You will instantly look more awake and the whites of your eyes will appear brighter. It can also make small eyes appear larger. Never lend eye pencils to other people, as this is one of the quickest ways to spread germs, If you have an eye infection, replace eye pencils and mascaras to avoid reinfecting the eyes, Sharpen pencils regularly to ensure that the points are clean.

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