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    applying mehndi tips


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    applying mehndi tips

    Post  Saira_khan on Fri Apr 11, 2008 4:15 am

    am postin here some basic henna designs knots so dat
    ya gals cud try by urselves

    ...The Fooffy is similar to the cursive letter F.

    ...Make repeating Fooffies, and make them as even and perfect as you can. Try to make them faster

    ...Make diminishing Fooffies.

    ...Draw a drooping line, and drape a diminishing Fooffy down it.

    ...Make a series of drooping lines, and drape diminishing Foofies down them.
    Practice for speed and accuracy.

    Make alternating flinging lines. Fling flying Fooffies along the lines.
    Practice for speed and accuracy.
    Ready to do some whole patterns?

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